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Flex Plans

TLC employees have the opportunity to put pretax dollars in a special account earmarked to pay certain bills. This account can help them increase their take-home pay by paying many necessary bills with pretax dollars.

Covered Expenses:

  • Daycare
  • TLC Health, Dental, Vision, and certain Life Insurance premiums
  • "Full Flex Plan" for out of pocket medical bills - for health services not covered by an insurance plan such as:
    • Co-pays and Deductibles
    • Physical Exams
    • Chiropractic Visits
    • Dental Costs
    • Eye Care, including Lasik
    • Most over-the-counter medications
  • "Limited Flex Plan" option available for employees who also participate in an HSA (Health Savings Account)
    • Complies with HSA rules
    • Covers out-of-pocket expenses for dental, vision, preventive care, and most over-the-counter medications.

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Note: A few states do not permit income to be sheltered from state taxes in Pretax Spending Accounts

The FMCSA is imposing new regulations originally expected to be implemented in July 2010, but now postponed to November, 2010. It could further be delayed into 2011. Data will continue transfer for 36 months prior to the activation date for individual drivers and 24 months for Carriers. This is a major change the transportation industry has not seen since the CDL in the late 1980's!

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