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TLC Companies®, A Professional Employer Organization

We take the weight off your shoulders, so you can concentrate on hauling more freight.

At TLC Companies®, we know trucking and transportation. It’s what we do every day.  TLC Companies® provides transportation-specific expertise and services to help trucking companies improve operations and save money. We’ve been in business since 1985 and understand the ins and outs of the trucking industry.  TLC can handle everything from payroll, taxes, benefits, and workers comp to assisting you with driver training and government compliance – and much more.

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How Do We Help?

TLC Companies Company Benefits Services Brooklyn Center MN

Employee Benefits

With decades of experience and resources, we give trucking companies access to high-quality benefits.

TLC Companies Payroll and Tax Services Brooklyn Center MN

Payroll & Taxes

We offer one of the few payroll services

in the transportation business that’s IRS certified.

TLC Companies Compliance Services Brooklyn Center MN


TLC Compliance helps protect your business from fines,

penalties and even major loss.

TLC Companies Safety and Risk Services Brooklyn Center MN

Safety & Risk Mitigation

We offer workers compensation, comprehensive risk management, and compliance solutions.

TLC Companies Driver Retention Services Brooklyn Center MN

Driver Retention & HR

We help you attract better drivers,

reduce turnover and

retain them longer.

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Workers Compensation

We take care of all the details that workers compensation requires—large and small, delicate and dirty.


More Safety Nets

That lower risk and avoid penalties and expenses


More Resources

With solid relationships and buying power to save on premiums, contracts and other costs


More Value

By improving business aspects that can save you money


More Efficiency

To do things better, faster and more economically


More Time

So you can concentrate on the important part


Getting more loads, more volume, more miles and more drivers thus…




Less Hassle

With payroll issues, per diems, taxes and federal and state compliance


Less Burden

With insurance bureaucracies, contracts, claims and paperwork


Less Worry

About compliance, OSHA, fines, penalties, complicated regulations and mandates


Less Pressure

About driver turnover, recruiting, screening, training and retention


Less Stress

On you with safety and risk, DOT, Workers Comp, complex language and critical laws


We do the heavy lifting so you have peace of mind and…



Let’s Talk About Your Business

TLC Companies® will transport your company to the fast lane!
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