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Driver Retention & HR

Holding on to drivers and keeping them happy — it’s probably one of your toughest challenges. Drivers are critical to your success. TLC Companies® will help you take care of your drivers with better wages and strong benefits. We offer it all, from wage analysis to employee training, engagement and performance management. With our services, you can recruit better employees while reducing turnover and growing your revenue.

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How Do We Help?

Driver Retention

  • Driver training and safety.
  • Driver awards and incentives (Safety Top Dog Award Program).
  • Access to discounted driver monitoring solution via SambaSafety.
  • Employee verification utilizing third party vendors.
  • Recruitment and onboarding assistance.
  • Engagement and retention.
  • Employee handbook development.
  • Large pool of resources to help with driver retention (proper pay, quality benefits, programs and services).
  • Driver satisfaction that leads to loyalty.
  • Data and wage analysis by geography to keep drivers happy and business on track.
  • Technology service assets for driver retention.
    • Services support to make life easier for drivers.
    • Convenient access to pay stubs, direct deposit, driver settlement sheets, 401(k) and benefits.
  • 800 support line for drivers.

HR Support

  • Quality benefits.
  • Payroll and tax support.
  • Employee handbook development and support.
  • EEOC support and guidance.
  • Managerial support.
  • Employee termination guidance and support.
  • HR toolbox to support hiring, managing and directing employees.
  • HR compliance.
  • Live support for HR needs.
  • 800 support line for employees and clients.

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For new client inquiries, someone will call you within 1 business day to explain how TLC can transport your company to the fast lane! To speak to a sales representative now call 877-684-4852.