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Payroll & Taxes

Sometimes all the financial responsibilities and accountability that come with running a trucking business can be too much. If you feel that way, TLC Companies has the answer with precision payroll and tax services that save you money and give peace of mind.  Rest assured, we don’t control your payroll. You are the boss and you control payroll submissions. We’re here to manage the details and make sure all of the wages are paid as you have reported them to us.

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Payroll Processing

  • Experienced payroll team that is CPP and FPC certified with the American Payroll Association (Certified Payroll Professional and Fundamental Payroll Certification)
  • Ability to pay drivers via live check, direct deposit or payroll debit card
  • Payroll submissions via fax, electronic or live system entry 
  • Assistance with per diem programs and payments
  • Help reducing duplicate data entry and errors
  • Reduce accounting costs 
  • Ability to process multi pay & deduction codes with exclusively designed platform for transportation industry
  • Eliminate need for retroactive adjustments
  • On-site check printing (avoid cost /exposure of overnight delivery)
  • Technology to accept pay/deduction data from dispatch system for payroll import
  • Issuing of independent contractor settlement checks

State & Federal Payments & Regulations

  • Garnishment management with understanding of complex laws, regulations, levies and other deductions.
  • Handling and compliance with local, state and federal payroll tax withholdings, filings and W2 processing.
  • Live time updates and communication to meet ever-changing federal and state tax codes.
  • Quarterly audits completed by a national auditing firm to ensure timely and accurate tax payment.
  • Consultations to reduce human resource costs.



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For new client inquiries, someone will call you within 1 business day to explain how TLC can transport your company to the fast lane! To speak to a sales representative now call 877-684-4852.