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Here are some examples of safety training, award programs, driver evaluations and videos that can help you and your employee’s. TLC also has access to online, interactive training options. Please consult with a Safety Professional before implementing the concepts discussed in any of these videos.

Distracted Driving Safety Video

Commercial truck driver distractions abound. Drivers use CBs, they eat, they drink, they talk to their co-drivers, they look at navigation systems. Technology can help — hands-free devices keep your eyes on the road, but they take your mind off your task. Distractions happen, so it’s important to train for them. This is just a short snippet from our 30-minute lesson on driver distractions, complete with quizzes to ensure the driver isn’t, ahem, “distracted” from the lesson.

Entry-Level Driver Training Evaluation

At the completion of the 4 or 8 week Entry-Level Driver Training Program, this Entry-Level Driver Training Evaluation form must be completed and submitted to TLC. TLC will review the evaluation and upon approval, the new driver may drive on their own.

Entry-Level Driver Training Program

Entry-level training program for new drivers with a minimum of 6 months of driving experience and approval by TLC. Training evaluation form must be completed and submitted to TLC in addition to this training program.

Safety Top Dog Award Program

Drivers are entered into this award program after successfully completing a safety quiz that is included in the monthly newsletters, earning a chance to win $10,000.


Safety Top Dog Award Program Brochure

Flatbed Safety

Manual Pallet Jacks Safety Video

Winter Driving Safety Video

Injury Prevention: Part 1 – Introduction

Injury Prevention: Part 2 – Slips/Trips/Falls

Injury Prevention: Part 3 – Material Handling

Injury Prevention: Part 4 – Motor Vehicle Accidents

Nighttime Driver Training Video

Seat Belt Safety Video

Trailer Door Safety Video

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